Wednesday, July 7, 2010

dear blog...will you please forgive me??

I was really on a roll with this blogging business....then i got sidetracked with some craft projects :) it happens....right???
So here is what I've been working on. I might be carried away with making things these days....can someone please come take the paint cans away from me???

the first is an old window from a friends house. we both painted one to hang in our houses! might sound weird...but it looks pretty cool! I plan on getting some pictures printed out to hang in each of the squares at some point. i also have a friend who put old crystal door knobs on a window like this and uses it to hang things on! cool idea!
I also painted an old chair with this yellow paint, distressed it a little, and put it in the play room. the bright yellow really makes the play room look fun!

The next is a picture of our family tree! i saw this idea somewhere and recreated my own in colors that i like. there's a mommy bird, a daddy bird, and a baby levi bird in this picture. and there are plenty of circles to turn into more birds as our family grows :)

Annnnnd, just because i love this kid so darn much, i can't help but put a picture of levi up! we were all at my parents house for father's day. this is a picture of levi playing in the sprinkler with my dad. levi's cousin grant was also there. they had SOOOO much fun! but i think my dad had the most fun :) We had to keep the paci in his mouth to keep him from eating the grass....

We've also been extremely busy with getting our yard situated. We've been in our new house since November, and JUST got some grass laid. so we've been messing with that, planting trees and flowers, and trying to get our yard looking nice. it takes lots of work, time, and's a work in progress!

and for those in the Pinehurst area, keep an eye out for the August issue of Pine Straw magazine...our famous little man is making yet another appearance, thanks to Along the Way Photography and her amazing photo skills :)

that's all for now! i'm working on a post full of updated pictures of levi. i am NOT, however, working on anymore craft least for now anyway :)

later taters!



Debbie said...

I didn't know you painted your tree, and it turned out great! The colors really look good together. I saw the window at your house, but forgot to tell you how awesome it looks. Great job Tori! Levi had so much fun in the sprinkler. This was such a special father's day! xoxo

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Awesome job! Love the bird painting!


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