Sunday, July 25, 2010

crazy coupon lady...part 3...

ok ok ok....this pic has nothing to do with coupons. but someone once told me that a post with no pics is boring! so, this is a pic of the quilt that we recently bought levi for his big boy room! now i know that he won't be in a big boy bed for some time yet, but i have been STALKING this quilt, and it FINALLY went on sale so i snagged it up :) yay! i also found some cute surf board signs at a local store to match! dean told me levi's room is going to be "soooo holister." not really what i was going for buuuuuut whatever!

now onto coupons! i hope you crazy couponers stocked up on sunday papers today!! you should have had a redplum insert and a smartsource insert.
now, i recommend clipping only the coupons you will really need. i, along with many people i have known, have been suckered into buying things JUST because i have a coupon and it's a great deal. if you have a store that will offer money BACK on purchases, than it's worth it to clip all coupons (i don't) because you can MAKE $ on buying things you don't need. otherwise, i just clip what i would use. you can do whatever is best for you!
i also want to share another good site with you that was suggested to me:
this site is very helpful for multiple reasons, but especially for Walmart specials :) I got deoderant for 47 cents today and tucks medicated pads (great for after childbirth, so i'll be holding onto these!) for FREE!! So be sure to check this site out for more couponing tips!
another helpful hint for couponing:
do your grocery shopping on sunday, monday, or tuesday. the store sales all switch over on weds. i usually clip my coupons on sunday and make my list. then do my shopping on tuesday. it was hard for me at first, because i was soooo used to shopping on thursdays. it threw a wrench in my "routine" but it's a sacrifice you have to make if you want to be a crazy coupon lady! :)
and the last tip of the day....make a list (preferably use the southern savers website to check the boxes and make an online list) and STICK to it! minimize impulse purchases as much as possible. and don't go to the store hungry....that's always a bad idea :)
So here is what my sunday looks like:
~after church i buy my papers.
~clip the coupons (i stack the 4 identical sheets on top of eachother and clip to cut down on time)
~organize the coupons and put in baggies.
~head to southern savers website and check my main store first (harris teeter)
~make my grocery list for HT
~check rite aid and walmart and make lists (IF there are great deals only)
~once i print my lists, i match up the coupons with the store i plan to use them at. then i put my list and coupons into a baggy labeled "Harris Teeter" (or Walmart, Food Lion, Kroger....whatever)
then i'm all done and ready to go on Tuesday! I also add to the bottom of the list other items i need that i don't have coupons for, such as produce or meats. and i STICK to the list....well....for the most part :)
hope this helps! please comment with any questions or problems you're having!

happy couponing!

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Farah said...

darn...forgot to get the papers today. these are great tips! please keep them coming.

**I love the quilt! That is going to look great and way cool.


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