Thursday, July 22, 2010

crazy coupon lady...part 2

so, i feel like by couponing, i am beating the brilliant minds of the marketing people at big companies like P&G, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever, SC Johnson, and so forth. here's why:
just imagine a meeting of the big dawgs at proctor & gamble. they've developed a new toothpaste and someone says,
"I think we should charge 75 cents for this product."
everyone else agrees that would bring in a good profit for something that costs 10 cents to make.
then someone from the brilliant marketing department says,
"wait a minute. i think we should charge $2.50 for it. then we should put out some coupons every so often. and for the people who take the time to buy and clip these coupons, they can have the product for 50 cents. everyone else can pay a surplus."
so there you go. wanna beat those brilliant marketing folks with me?? ;)
(Kha, I think you should take this story back to your boss and let me know what she says {{wink wink}})

1 comment:

Emily W said...

you are hilarous crazy coupon lady!


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