Wednesday, July 28, 2010

common couponing questions

well that title sure is a tongue twister! i even had a hard time typing it out!
ok, i've been getting some questions about couponing. now, i have only been at this myself for a month or so, but bear with me. i'll do the best i can to answer some of these...and if i don't know the answers, i'll turn to some trusty resources who i know WILL have some answers!

1. can you use multiple coupons for a single item?

yes and no. you can use 1 manufacturer's coupon (MQ) per item...BUT, if you have a store coupon you can stack that on top of the MQ. example, if you have a manufacturer's coupon for cottonelle toilet paper AND Food Lion has a cottonelle coupon out, you can use BOTH for one item. but if you have 4 manufacturer's coupons, you can't use all of those on 1 item.

2. why am i still not getting GREAT deals? I'm still spending $100 a week.

yep, me too sometimes. you really have to be consistent with clipping coupons EVERY sunday...indefinitely. when looking at the southern savers website, i'm still missing LOTS of deals because i don't have coupons from back in May. I'm guessing that come October, I'll have enough coupons to really be getting all the deals that i can be.

3. is it really worth it to clip coupons for 50 cents?? why?

YES! I know it seems like "what's 50 cents? is it worth my time?" let me give you an example of a recent purchase i had. I had coupons for 50 cents off secret deoderant. Harris teeter was having a sale on secret deoderant for $1. Since Harris Teeter doubles all coupons 99 cents and under, that coupon was really worth a dollar! guessed it! Fortunately I had 4 of those coupons (harris teeter will only double THREE coupons for the same item). So, I bought 3 deoderants, for $3...used my coupons...and they were all FREE! woohoo! Now, since that deoderant will probably go on sale in another 6-8 weeks, i will have PLENTY of deoderant to last me until the next sale (or longer :)).  See?? You never have to pay retail again! yippy! so CLIP COUPONS EVERY will pay off. maybe not a lot at first...but it WILL pay off eventually.

eventually, your coupons will be HIGHER than your total. for instance, i bought $19 worth of groceries from Lowe's recently and had $21 in coupons! and I bought $50 worth of groceries from Harris Teeter and my coupons were $57. And the first time you get an awesome'll be hooked!!

more questions?? leave them in the comment space below and i'll answer them ASAP!

good luck my fellow crazy couponers! :) i'm so proud of you all!

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