Wednesday, July 21, 2010

crazy coupon lady....part 1

so i've officially been dubbed the Crazy Coupon Lady by my friends...and i like it :) my awesome sis-in-law and one of my friends in town, have both helped me to earn this amazing nickname by teaching me their secrets. and now i'd like to share them with you! in just 2 short weeks i have already scored some INSANE deals!
i spent $1 at Rite Aid and got $57 worth of product.
spent $33 at Harris Teeter and got $70 worth of groceries!
spent $4 and a years worth of women's razors!
spent $30 at Lowe's foods and got $79 worth of groceries....and the list goes on! I mean, this makes places like walmart EXPENSIVE!! crazy thought, huh??
i know what you're thinking
i do NOT have the time for that, you crazy coupon lady
and yes, it does take some time. but once you get a groove and start figuring things out, it really isn't that bad. and TOTALLY worth it in the end. not to mention that there are so many websites out there right now that do most of the work for you.
and here's the one i use:
so for today, if you're interested in joining the crazy coupon lady in this exciting adventure of savings (i know, i'm a dork. but i really get excited about this stuff!!)....then just keep reading for the first few steps you need to take to get started:
1. from here on out, every Sunday start buying 4 newspapers that have coupon inserts....and have FUN clipping them {{insert sarcasm here}}
2. come up with a filing system that works for you. everyone's might look different. I have file folders labeled "food" "baby stuff" "personal items" household items, and cat food. Then each week, i divide my coupons into those categories, put them in seperate plastic baggies, and put the date of the sunday paper i got them from on the'll want that date labeled somewhere.
3. start stalking the above website!! become familiar with it, browse it, find the stores in your area that are on this website and check them out every so often. read their coupon policies, etc. 

that's all for now! you can't do too much before you have a stockpile of coupons. i'll post more helpful tips later this week!

and if you're already part of the crazy coupon club and have some tips to share, please DO!! the more the merrier :) just post a comment below and be sure to read the comments for more helpful ideas!

later taters


Little T's Journey said...

I've just started using coupons and love your tips. I'll be so proud of myself if I can get the savings you have.

girlgrowsup said...

I love this series on couponing! I hope to learn lots.

One question...are you saying stores will accept four of the same coupons for one item?


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