Thursday, June 17, 2010

thanksgiving thursdays

I'm linking up with Mama's Little Chick to bring you Thanksgiving Thursday! each thursday I'll post 5 things i'm thankful for. hopefully this will be a fun way to be reminded of all my many blessings. you should link up to!

1.  being able to stay home with my son! even if i enventually have to go back to work...i'm enjoying every minute of being able to be home for this season of life :)

2.  good know...the kind you can be "real" with and they don't judge you. i don't know what i'd do without em!

3. summer! it's horribly hot here already, but i love the summer! pools, sprinklers, ice cream, popsicles, fresh fruit.....yay for summer!

4. yard sales - i have gotten some AMAZING deals lately on some stuff for levi! we got a red wagon, rocking horse, train table, AND a little baby baseball game for $40! woohoo! yay for yard/garage/moving sales :)

5. God's good gifts - i know i live in the top 1% of the world....and i take it for granted every day. God has opened the flood gates on our lives, just as He's promised, and i am abundantly blessed. not because i deserve it, because i dont, but because he is good. and he is good all the time! yay for God!


Emily W said...

I love all that you are thankful for and I am thankful for all those same things. We must be equally blessed!

Amy said...

My thankful list would be exactly like yours! How fun. It is so refreshing to read posts about things we are happy and thankful for because sometimes it's so easy to focus on the negative! Thanks for sharing!


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