Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just another manic monday...or wait....tuesday??

now that i'm not working...i completely lose track of what day it is. it's like everyday is saturday to me, except sunday is still sunday. it's a good thing :) except when i try to create a clever blog title just to realize that i'm on the wrong day.
oh well! moving on.....
mr. sweet cheeks is breaking his EIGHTH tooth and it has been a bumpy ride with this one! today he was fussy and not feeling well. soooo he had a crappy nappy, a fussy morning, and will NOT let me put him down. but during one of his crappy nappies, i managed to do a couple of projects. i have been needing something in the kitchen to write or tack things to. so i made something with some stuff i had around the house! woohoo for free crafts!
these are two picture frames that are no longer hanging in our house. i took the pictures out, covered the cardboard backing with fabric, stapled it on, and put them back in the frame! easy breezy. then i dug out some tacks and hung a picture on one! the one on the left is for the kitchen, and is made from a dish rag. the one on the right is for the toy room and is from some leftover fabric i've had for years.
gotta love having some time for a craft on a busy monday...i mean tuesday :)....morning!




torie@Life With Rylie said...

I love those! Great idea!!! I love doing crafts too but sometimes they don't turn out how I'd like.

Emily W said...

Very chic and vintage. So talented once again!


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