Friday, June 18, 2010

bye bye

our little man friend is doing so many new things these days! i just can't believe it. it's like he's turning into a little boy...right before my eyes! he's waving "bye" (it's a backwards wave...but still a wave :)). he's climbing on EVERYTHING! he's standing in his crib (this is not a good thing...makes naps a little harder). he's officially discovered doors....push them open....push them
he's mimicking the things we do...faces, noises, etc. it just seems like each new phase of his life gets more and more fun! and each new phase also has it's own challenges. we sure do LOVE you Levi! you're the best gift God ever gave us! {{SMOOCH}}


Emily W said...

that is such a cute picture of him!

Theresa said...

cute pictures of levi, keep every one of them because one day you're going to be talking to him in the hallway and realize 'my son has leg hair'... :)
and remember that boys never really grow up, they get older but they are always little boys.

Debbie said...

I love his smile in this picture! It's really amazing how fast they grow up.


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