Monday, May 24, 2010

little fishy

our little manfriend is a HUGE fan of water. and he is completely fearless in it too. so i gotta keep an eye out for him. he dips his face in the water, tries to drink it, flops right onto his belly and "swims" all over the place! he isnt scared one bit.
Example A - levi splashing around like a little fishy. yes....that is a regular diaper on him. it was a last minute "let's put him in the pool to cool down thing" so we didn't put a swim diaper on.
eventually this thing swelled up so big we had to take it off. :)

anyway, he LOVES being in the pool or bathtub! we put just enough water in it for him to splash around on his tummy. the bathtub slightly confuses him, since it isn't as big as the pool, but he flops right down on his tummy and swims all over the place. it's hilarious.
we had some family in town this weekend! my cousins from atlanta came to visit and we had a blast with them! they have a son who's levi's age and it was soooo stinkin cute to see them crawl around and play together. levi would follow asher around the floor, they took a bath together, shared their toys, stared at eachother from their strollers, took much fun. i look forward to levi having a cousin that he's so close in age with! unfortunately, we didn't get many pics from the weekend {{DUH! what was i thinking??}} but as soon as my cuz sends me some of hers i'll post a couple.
that's all for now!


Emily W said...

Thats an adorable picture of both of you and your back yard looks so relaxing!

Debbie said...

He is so cute! Love him in his swimming pool! (his mommy is cute too!)

Christine said...

That's so fun he loves the water!

Rosemary hasn't been in a pool yet, but I'm so excited for her to play in the water too!

Can't wait for cute cousing pictures. :)

Emily said...

Cute picture in the pool!


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