Monday, May 10, 2010

From Our Kitchen

I have been trying some NEW recipes lately. for a while i got in such a rut with my cooking! after having Levi it was just easier to throw some chicken on the grill, or bake some fish.
Dean's not very adventurous with his foods...or should i say...he doesn't like when I get adventurous?? either way, i have some great cookbooks and i've been putting them to use lately!
tuna with an orange-dill sauce
bbq chicken supper
chicken alfredo over biscuits
chilli-rubbed pork chops
salmon with a maple-balsamic glaze
chicken with a basil-brown mustard sauce over orzo
wilted spinach and cauliflower
green beans with almonds
orange banana nut bread
i feel like i'm having fun in my kitchen again! plus most of these meals take less than 30 minutes...from START to FINISH!
did you catch that???
less than 30 minutes!!!!!
now that's my idea of a good time.
so i'm starting an entire section on my blog dedicated to some of these easy-breezy meals! look for it under the tab on the right-hand side titled "From Our Kitchen."
First one = coming soon!!

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