Friday, May 7, 2010

dear blog,

i'm sorry i have neglected you. somehow i have managed to quite my job and become BUSIER than i was before.


such is life.
so since i last posted, a lot has happened at the king house. levi has been working on his front 2 teeth (which equals a total of 8 teeth for this 7.5 month old!! sheesh!). he has actually been handling these last 2 pretty well
he's crawling all over the place now, including in his crib. when he wakes up, i often find him trying to climb up his bumper. in fact, this picture here shows his new favorite way to welcome mommy into the room when he awakens :)

how precious is this!!?? he pulls the bumper down and peeps out, just waiting for me to come scoop him up.
have i mentioned how much i love this kid????

'look at me mommy! i'm a big boy!'

ok ok, he didn't actually stand up in his crib. i positioned him like this. we're working on getting his legs big and strong :)

excited about my first mother's day! levi is getting dedicated at our church on sunday! {{{yippy!}}} my parents are coming to town, and i believe the in-laws are coming also. should be a fun day! my real mothers day present won't come until early june...when we head to the beach for a long weekend! hoping and praying our little guy does ok away from home! we've worked so hard to get him to be a good sleeper (something that NEVER came naturally to him) and i'm terrified of ruining that. i think we'll make it through it... :)

on a side note, i made some chicken/brown rice/carrots baby food just today. YUCK! i mean, it tastes ok (pretty good actually) but the thought of blended up chicken just really grosses me out. barf. but...1 chicken breast, 1/2 cup brown rice, and 1/2 bag of frozen carrots made over 40 ounces of baby food! woohoo! now that's my idea of a good time.

later taters


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Emily W said...

Your a beautiful mess! Thats funny I was just talking to another mommy friend and she made all her baby's food except the blended meat stuff. I havent yet, but am very inspired by you and will be making baby food for Gavin soon! Levi is such a rock star. Love his room!


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