Tuesday, May 18, 2010

bad soy, strawberry jam, potato picking, and trenches

what a week it's been so far...and it's only TUESDAY!

poor sweet levi had a bad run-in with some soy yogurt on sunday (i accidently bought SOY {{yuck}} which WONT happen again), which resulted in lots of vomiting(as if we don't get enough of that around here??). anyway, our sweet little manfriend is fine, but we ended up missing church on sunday! this was a bummer because one of our good friends was preaching that day.

then on monday, levi and i headed down to good ole rockingham for a visit with levi's ninny and papa! we spent the day picking some fresh potatoes from their amazing garden. i must admit, their garden made me slightly jealous. we tilled and planted a pretty big garden this year, which was completely eaten by DEER!
the potatos were later served as a side with chicken alfredo over biscuts. i sauteed those suckers up in some butter and fresh herbs (the only thing left of said garden) and they were delicioso!
then today i spent the afternoon making yummy fresh strawberry jam! oh my goodness is it AMAZING! and so easy. i bought some fresh strawberries from some friends of ours who have a local farm. a good friend of mine came over and we used some fruit pectin (low sugar version) and made a couple of batches to share! it's fresh, low in sugar, and (mostly) natural ingredients! i stored most of it in the freezer, except a small amount to use for now. i can't wait to make some blackberry jam when the blackberries come off the vine in july!
and trenches, you ask???
yep...my husband is awesome and multi-talented. a good friend came over this afternoon/evening and helped my hubby dig trenches and install a sprinkler system in our yard...saving us TONS of money! woohoo! now that's my idea of a good time :) now if we just had some grass to water.....


Debbie said...

Poor levi...I'm glad he is ok! The strawberry jam sounds yummy! I've never made it but my mom always did. love you guys!

Emily W said...

Your good friend was great preaching at church, sorry you missed it too but I am glad Levi is OK now! You are so multi-talented, kuddos!

Duchess said...

Stopping over from thesitsgirls :0) Great post - I'm jealous about strawberry jam as I want to learn how to make some :0)

Mama Hen said...

There is nothing like purchasing your fruits and vegetables from your local farm! Now you got me inspired to make yummy jam!

Mama Hen

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Found you on the D-List! My name is Tori(e) as well...but with an "e" at the end. My dad wanted to be different. Glad I found your blog!

Christine said...

Glad your little guy is ok from the soy yogurt incident! Glad you enjoyed some yummy fruits and veggies even if they weren't from your garden. :)

Stopping by from the d listed blog party! Nice to meet you! I look forward to looking around more.



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