Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i'm proud to officially announce my retirement from the workforce! woohoo! it's been a long time coming and i finally stepped out of the boat and onto the water. it took a while for me to be obedient to God with this (as it usually does with me....). we just buildt a house, had a baby....all kinds of expensive things going on here!! but, when God asks you to do something, it's best to do it. or so I'm learning anyway :) funny how being a stay-at-home mom has always been the desire of my heart, God wanted to give it to me, but i was still hesitant to accept this gift. oh well! i'm stoked to focus more on my family, being a better wife and mommy, taking better care of the house (gulp!!) and so on. no more distractions!!

AmTrust family, I will miss you greatly. what an awesome opportunity it was to work with everyone there. a truly amazing company.

Rat-race, I will not miss you at all. hasta luego. peace. goodbye! for the first time in my life i will be relying fully on God and my hubby to support us each month, instead of relying on myself. it feels good.....it feels really good.


Jackie said...

Congrats! That is wonderful!

Emily W said...

Congrats...welcome to the stay at home mommy crew! Good luck with all of it and I am glad God gave you peace about this!


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