Monday, April 19, 2010

it still doesn't feel real....

retirement, that is. it hasn't quite hit home that i won't go to work tomorrow. or that i'm no longer working in insurance. or that my home "office" is now a play room. i'm sure it will feel real come next pay day :)

God has already amazed me and I've only been "free" for 2 days! Dean has gotten 2 extra side jobs where he made some extra cash! woohoo! thanks Jesus :)

and as for levi...his 6th tooth is now officially through. he has slept 12 hours straight for the last 2 nights (happy dance!!). here's hoping he keeps that up....and maybe we'll get a break with these teeth for a while??

I can't believe my little turkey is 7 months old already!! he's still army-crawling all over the place! he's starting to pull himself up on his toy basket and get up on his knees. he has this new little cheesy grin he does along with his snorting. I gave him his first taste of lime today! he made the funniest faces! but he kepts grabbing my hand and wanting more. too cute. and his new favorite toy???? the metal measuring cup! 1/3 cup to be exact. it entertained him for about an hour today while i made no-bake cookies (side note: esther...please come get some of these off my hands!!) and homemade pizz dough! more on that pizza dough later...

not much else going on here these days! still doing the p90x...i'm starting to see some definition (something i've never had before!). The baby weight is about if I could just stop making COOKIES i might be able to keep it off. sigh. Also reading a new book...Shepherding a Child's Heart, by Ted Tripp. I'll be sure to do some book reviews on it for those interested. So far, it's been very good. lot's of eye openers.

my to-do list for my first week off:
*clean floors
*clean base-boards
*run errands
*grocery shop
*clean toilets (yuck!! i hate doing this so it doesn't happen very often around here...)
*host our good friends Steve and Marissa and their son Jackson from Weds-Sun! Yay! lookoing forward to that.

Welp, that's last week and this week in a nut-shell! Hope you all have been to Harris Teeter for some of their AMAZING deals this past week! buy 1 bag of chicken, get TWO free! buy 2 bags of HT coffee, get THREE free! and ice cream for $1.99. And did I also mention that poultry is now government regulated?? No more hormones in your poultry! woohoo! good news!

ok...enough randomness for one post :) check you peeps later.




Emily W said...

So funny! I really need to start making special trips to HT. You are so in the mother of one SAHM phase. Now that I have two its a bit crazier to find time to read or workout. Im so happy for you and all your being blessed with!

Debbie said...

congratulations on retirement! I wish I was close enough to help celebrate by eating most of your cookies. hehe. love you.

girlgrowsup said...

I'm reading the same book! Our church gave it to us after we dedicated our little girl. I can't wait to see what you think (I'm only a couple of chapters in).


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