Thursday, March 4, 2010

P90X - 3, ME - 0

This work out is kicking my hiney!! I'm not even giving it all I've got yet, because I'm afraid to over-do it and not be able to keep going. I feel great after the workout! I make it to the end(most times :)), not sweating too bad, feeling pretty proud of myself....then I wake up the next morning.


Sooooo stiff and sore. I can't wait to see results from this sucker. It was awesome doing the Yoga X last night. Watching Dean try to do yoga was great :) Of course, he probably thinks the same thing when he's watching me lift weights and do push-ups! ha! Seriously though, it was an hour and a half of yoga! I felt like jell-o afterwards.

I wonder if this rice crispy treat I'm eating right now is in the p90x diet....

1 comment:

FrankeeGee said...

You're a trooper, I couldn't imagine taking on P90X right now! Maybe after I've done 30DS for a while :p Or maybe I'll wait till I'm done bfing.


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