Sunday, March 7, 2010

forgotten God

i have NOT forgotten about updating you all on this amazing book....i just have not had time to sit down and type something out lately! sheesh! who knew that adding an hour work-out to each day would take up so much time! {{not to mention COMPLETELY wipe me out - physically and mentally}}

anyway, i just want to give you some little tidbits from the first few chapters that i've read. so here they are!

{{drumroll please.......}}

* the benchmark of attendance in church services has become more about attendance than about the movement of the Holy Spirit {{and dare I add, more about us?? and what we are or are not getting from the service}}
* We are not all we are made to be when things in our lives can be explained apart from the Spirit of God
* much of what we belive is based more on our comfort, or our culture's tradition, rather than on the Bible
* people are more likely to describe the appeal of the music or the quality of the sermon rather than the One who is the reason for gathering for "church" in the first place (i am soooo guilty of this!)
* take a moment and ask yourself this "when was the last time i undeniably saw the Spirit at work in or around me?
* we ask for less, expect less, and are satisified with less because we are afraid to ask or expect more from God. We are afraid of Him "failing" us
* when dealing with the "weird" gifts of the spirit, we are more afraid of what people will think of us, than what the Holy Spirit of God will think
* instead of arguing, questioning, and researching, when will we simply just respond to the truth we have heard, and work through our questions from there?

so these are just a few of the points that really stood out and convicted me. i'm quite certain anyone who reads this book will find convictions of their own and probably won't be the same as mine! I hope some of these points get ya thinking though! they sure got me thinking.

now if i could just take all this thinking and turn it into doing/believing/trusting/walking/living/breathing.....

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