Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6 month update!!

i first want to say...

thank you levi for discovering that you can sleep unswaddled and on your tummy!

woohoo! this baby sleeps soooo much better on his tummy. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. naps are better...night sleep is better. sheesh.

now....for the 6 month update! dromroll please......

You're a big boy now! you're rolling all over the place! i put you down and next thing i know you've rolled away! i no longer put you on the bed or couch unless i'm right there to watch you. you looooove rolling onto your tummy and playing! you've started rolling over in your sleep and now your favorite way to sleep is on your tummy! mommy and daddy love it because you now sleep soooo much better. you're no longer in your swaddle either! you're down to 2 long naps a day, another plus for mommy! ever since the time change you've pushed your bedtime back to 7:30/8 and you're sleeping until 7:30-8:30!
you're starting to pull your legs (mostly your right leg) up under you, trying to scoot around! you also LOVE eating big boy food! your favorites right now include avocado, pears, butternut squash, sweet potato and bananas. you scream inbetween bites of food!
your favorite toys right now are your tassie(still!), your dangley carseat toys, your snoodle dog, your little stuffed aligator, your cell phones, and your vtec whirly thingy.
you giggle sooo hard in your swing on the back porch! you laugh when mommy tickles you. you love grabbing and snuggling in mommy's hair. you scrunch your nose up and snort when you laugh. you suck your thumb. you eat your toes. daddy makes you do the sprinkler and lawnmower. you stand up while holding onto the couch or ottaman. you're doing SO many fun things! and i know it will only get more fun!

we love you so much son! we're so glad God gave YOU to US!


Debbie said...

Love him in his adorable glasses! We can't wait to see everything he's doing when we see you all at Easter. love you guys!

theGIRL said...

We decided to give the no-swaddle thing a try a couple of weeks ago with our 4 month old. She's now getting up every night at 2 a.m. to eat! I'm wondering if it's time to break out the Swaddle Me again.

Glad to see the time change worked in your favor! Happy 6 months of mommyhood to you!


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