Monday, February 22, 2010

Things every new mom should know....

I sure wish someone would have told me:

*my love for this child would grow more and more with each passing day
*my marriage would be put through the fire, only to come out like a pure refined gold
*i'd develop a potty mouth in the middle of the night. hey...i'm not proud of it, but it's true. who knew sleep deprivation and raging hormones would bring that out in a person??
*my child smiling at me from across a crowded room would melt my heart
*barf would be my new scent of perfume
*i'd become more concererd with my child looking like a fashion icon than myself :)
*not all babies are great sleepers. mine is king of the 45 minute nap. thank you Jesus that he sleeps well at night!!
*i'd understand God's love for me even more after experienceing the love i have for my child. even if it is just a tiny glimpse of His love....
*that every new thing this kid does would be the BEST thing in the world!
*that i'd love my hubby in a whole new way after seeing how awesome he is as a dad
*that my faith would also be put through the fire, only to come out like a pure refined gold! thank you Lord for being patient with my learning curve...and for speaking to me in new ways
*that never again would i be able to up-n-go to the store, gas station, bank, or anywhere else for a "quick trip." Ha!
*that i would love being able to stay home with levi soooo much!! BUT...i also need a break sometimes. a trip to walmart is sometimes my getaway once daddy gets home. sad...i know.
*that whatever it is you are going through as a new are not alone. find someone who isn't afraid to be real about the ups and downs of parenting, and talk to them.

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Farah said...

Love this post. I can relate so well to them all. Thank you for being my real person to go to. Your truthfulness has helped me so many times. Okay, here’s mine...Time would no longer be about time…it would be about feedings.

Jessica said...

.....and no matter how old your kids get things are still hard to get used to. And even when your baby is 5 years old - every new thing that kids does is the BEST thing ever!

Tori - loved this post!

theGIRL said...

Everything you wrote is so true!! Here's my addition.....that everything you ever accomplished before motherhood would pale in comparison.

And here's what a good friend of mine recently said...that your very worst day as a mom is better than your very best day before being a mom.


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