Monday, February 15, 2010


we had forgotten what that was like around here recently. Levi had some bad nights for a while and I was starting to feel like I had a newborn all over again! i guess it was some kind of developmental thing he went through??? who knows. all I know is, he got tired last night around 6pm, so i put him down at 6:30.....and he didn't make a peep until almost 5! I got 6 straight hours of sleep for the first time in a long time. now i'm spoiled :) I might have to put him down between 6:30-7 every night if he's going to keep that up! :)

some other random things going on right now:
* Levi's 2 teeth are about halfway in! so stinkin cute!
* My hubby's about to turn 33
* Planning a trip to DC and Savannah in the near future!
* feeling very blessed for having a job that allows me to stay with Levi. Can't imaging it any other way
* we are finally getting our driveway in! haha! yup...we've been in the new house without a driveway for 3 months now :)
* I'm super excited to have another niece/nephew on the way, due sept 29th!! congrats chuck and amy!
* LOVE the new thing Levi is doing these days. when he wakes up, after he eats, or right before he goes down for a nap, he loves to bury his face into my neck and rub it around in there. LOVE IT! He is such a little snuggle bunny.
* levi's got his photo contest coming up this saturday! can't wait to get him all 'pimped' out :) pictures to come!
* Dean is working on sanding down and staining his dad's old chopping block for our kitchen! it's looking pretty cool and I can't wait to put it in the house!
* have i mentioned how much i love living in our new house?? I need to take some pics and post....i'm such a slacker....

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