Monday, February 8, 2010

Our big boy!

Little man friend has gotten to be a hungry little guy! For a while now he's been sleeping pretty long at night before waking to eat at roughly 4-5am. But the last week or so he started waking up multiple times a night to eat! ahhh! felt like the newborn stage all over again. so, we decided he must be needing to eat more during the day. A month ago I made some butternut squash baby food, so we busted it out and let him try it. and he LOVED it! Oh my, I couldn't feed him fast enough. he grabbed the spoon and about gagged himself trying to eat his squash. he stared at the bowl and cried when we took the spoon out of his mouth! and he actually didn't spit it all up! so since then we've given him butternut squash a couple of times and a little mashed banana once. he's not eating a lot yet, but his little system is starting to get used to it.
And by the way, I am LOVING making his baby food! One butternut squash made 40 one-ounce cubes of food! holy smokes!! I also made 8 cubes with one avocade, 12 cubes with one banana, and 12 cubes with one sweet potato. It's so fun and cheap! Plus, it tastes good! I keep eating Levi's squash when I give it to him :) It makes me glad knowing that I'm feeding him something that I would actually eat myself. It lasts in the fridge for up to 3 months, so I've got a nice little stash going that should last a while!
Levi went to his first superbowl party last night at our church's youth group! all the girls loved our little man pants! next year he'll probably be able to play in the church's indoor playground...this year, mommy and daddy got to play in it :)
Next Wednesday our little guy will be 5 months! I can't even believe it. Stay tuned for his 5 month update!

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