Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 months!! ahhhh!

well little man friend, you are officially 5 months old today. happy birthday!! you are doing all sorts of fun things right now! you are such a happy baby, always smiling and giggling at us. you like to play bashful with us! you bury your face into a blanket or shoulder whenever I get excited and say "hi levi!!" you love grabbing your feet (which makes diaper changing hard!), putting your entire fist into your mouth, eatting baby food, sucking on ice cubes in your infant feeder, and looking super cool in your patented mohawk.
you still aren't eatting much food, but you LOVED the homemade butternut squash! you also like your avocado. you weren't too sure about the little bit of prunes and apples. the apples were sour and made you make a silly face!! you grab the spoon and'll be feeding yourself!
you have a high pitched squeal that we adore! you are constantly moving....kicking your legs (go little legs, go little legs, go!) moving your arms around, grabbing things, reaching for things, grabbing mommy's hair and face, and pushing things around. you are starting to pull your legs up under you! it won't be long until you take off across the hardwoods! or at least scoot around on them :)

I can't believe that 5 months ago today this was you!! your first night in the big world :)

we loved how you threw gang signs at us when we first brought you home! we'll be reliving those gang signs this weekend at your photoshoot...hehe...

Now you're a big boy!! I love singing songs that i make up for you! one of them is all about how you're a baby and not a big boy yet :) Here you are doing your favorite thing...grabbing your feet and putting them in your mouth!

And you have 2 teeth!! they broke through right after you turned 4 months and now they're about 1/3 of the way in! you can barely see them here, but they're there!

your favorite toy right now....the jumperoo!! thanks aunt jaime for letting us borrow this awesome, and very funny, toy!

you are sweet, snuggly, loving, funny, cuddly, calm, mellow, happy-go-lucky, content, quiet, squealy, hilarious, laid-back, and freaking adorable. everywhere we go we get compliments about how content and happy you are. praise be to God, for sending us the best thing in the whole world! We love you soooo much son, and it's just a glimpse of how much Jesus loves you.

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