Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where are you??

so this 6am thing is finally getting going. God has been asking me to wake up early with him for quite sometime now, and I'm just starting to be obedient. what a learning curve I have. and of course, just as soon as I decided to get my rear in gear, satan comes along with his attacks. first i got sick. then levi had some bad nights, waking up a lot. then i got sick again. then a trip to atlanta....all this kept me from waking up early. but no more excuses! i have a great friend holding me accountable (thanks rebekah!) and I have the reward of time spent in the presence of God to look forward to. and in his presence i'm completely satisfied.

why do i get lazy and miss the awesome priveledge of spending time with God?? seriously. I'm so overly blessed, and yet i don't always make time for the One who has opened the floodgates and poured out his blessings on me.

I took a bible study once that briefly talked about adam and eve in the garden of eden. every day God would come to walk and talk with them. all He wanted was a relationship with them. on the day they sinned, God still came, but they were no where to be found. and God asked, "Where are you?" Sometimes I think He's asking me the same thing. He comes to meet with me every morning...and on the mornings when I don't show up I gently hear Him asking "Where are you?" And it breaks my heart. Sorry Lord, I'm sleeping in.

Where were you this morning, while God was sitting at your table waiting for you to show up?


Anonymous said...
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Debbie said...

Great post Tori! I pray in the morning. It's a great way to start the day!

pink coffee photoart said...

ugh-conviction! thank you for being so transparent. i needed this today. now i need to go get my bible. :)

Emily W said...

i was sleeping in with you! its hard with infants but i am totally with you, no more excuses. making myself wake up early has been heavy on my heart too so i can start my day in devotion and prayer. also, i love your blog, you are so inspirational!


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