Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

We were so excited it snowed....but only because we've been dying to dress levi in this very cute snowsuit that his friend Cole gave him!! I didn't ever want to take him out of it because he was so smushy and cuddly!!

He liked it too...can't ya tell!??

We didn't stay outside very long though...his little cheeks got so pink! He had a blast though!
And this is what happens when you try to sled ride on a cardboard box in your land crotch first into a bush. hehehe.....nice one babe.

Our first snow in our new house! Isn't my husband the most talented man in the world to design and build us this house??

Well....I've been trying to upload a video of dean taking levi down a little slope in our yard on the "sled"'s not working. I'll try again later.
Dean likes to call it "inside day" when we have days where we just hang around the house. Now because of this snow/sleet we've got, we're having inside weekend! and i looooove it!!

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Emily W said...

I love your new home! Amazing! Levi is too adorable for words!


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