Friday, December 4, 2009

Updates schmupdates

ok....i am such a slacker!! things have been hectic around here though. as if having an infant isn't hectic enough???

we have MOVED into our house!! yay! it's going to take a while to get settled in, but we are so thrilled to be living here...close to town! thank you Jesus!!

Levi is growing soooo much! he LOVES tummy time! he gets his head up, looks around, and tries to find me to make eye contact. and when he finds me, I get sooo excited...then he gets excited....and it's just the best thing EVER!! we both laugh and i usually cry because i'm so proud...and i'm kinda a mush when it comes to this kid. and he has already ROLLED OVER! ahhhh! i have no idea at what age babies start doing this, but he gets himself propped up so high when he's on his tummy, and his arms are so strong, that he rolls himself right over! we made him do it over and over the other night when he first did it. poor kid :)

anyway, i'm going to work on getting some video of tummy time! so stay tuned. and YES, i will try to get some pics up of the house too. i've been awful about keeping up with pictures these days! too much going on :)

later gators


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