Tuesday, December 8, 2009

strongest man in the world!

ok, so i may be the worst baby talker ever!! i just can't help myself. before levi came along i talked to my cats like this, so it was bound to be bad with a baby...right!??

anyway, our strong little man is rolling over these days! only from his belly to his back, not the other way around. he's been doing it since around 10 1/2 weeks. we are sooo proud of him! we have multiple videos of him rolling over, but this is just a little quick one. i love his stunned expression afterwards! ha!

i tell him all the time, in my best baby voice, that he's the strongest man in the world :) sometimes i even call him sampson....although i hope God doesn't require him to have long hair.....hehehe

loving every second with our strong little man-friend,


1 comment:

Debbie said...

I could watch this over and over! Oh yeah, I have! Love you guys!


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