Monday, December 14, 2009

all. your. heart.

6am?? seriously God?? I've felt God asking me for quite some time now to get up early to spend time with him. and now recently he's specifically called me to get up at 6am. for those of you who know know i am NOT an early morning person. and really, God, don't you know I have a baby now?? I mean seriously! 6am??? so i've fought it and fought it, like i usually do, and am just now starting to get diligent about getting up. ok, ok, you can't call getting up a couple of days a week DILIGENT! praise God for having mercy on my learning curve. i'm such a work in progress.

but as i was praying last night i kind of had this vision. God was asking me to seek him no matter what. he wants me to show him that i will run after him even in my hardest of times. he wants me to prove that i will chase after him, even when i dont have the will-power to do so. when i'm tired. beat down. exhausted. frustrated. did i mention tired??? so my vision was of me running after God. my hair's a mess from not having showered (pretty typical these days). i've got work papers in my hand, baby on my mind, cell phone on my ear, and coffee in my other hand. i'm tired and frazzled...but i'm running after Him. and as i approach his throne of grace with confidence...i drop it all. with open hands, i let it all go. and i simply come. and he cleanses me. renews me. refreshes me. in his presence i'm completely satisfied. and as i fall to my knees, with hands still raised, you know what i find there? i find Jesus. waiting for me. what a great reason to wake up early. no wonder God gives me the awesome opportunity to start my day with Him. just like God wants the first-fruits of my money, he wants the first-fruits of my day. and i sooooo want to give it to Him.

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.


let that be my cry today, Lord.

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