Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3 months!!

I can't believe it's already been 3 months! everyone said time would fly by, and it certainly has. but each new phase of levi's life has been so much fun!

He is now giggling all the time! it's so funny to hear him giggle too! he's rolling over from his tummy to his back. he loves to talk to us while he's on his tummy...and he is SUCH a talker! his favorite toys right now seem to be his orange monkey (orange is his favorite color) and his "baby paper." He loves holding onto things and of course EVERYTHING goes into his mouth already :)
daddy has him doing "pull ups" to get his arms strong, hehe. he is sitting up sooooo well! he loves sitting in his bumbo already and he even sits in his high chair while we eat dinner....just like a big boy!! he's going anywhere from 8-11 hours at night, which is great!! now if he would just be a quiet sleeper maybe mommy and daddy could get that much sleep! he's such a grunter!! and for some reason about once a week he gets bad gas that keeps us all up all night long because of his grunting.

i tell him all the time that he's the strongest, smartest, cutest baby in the world :) i'm sure all mommies say the same things to their babies. I'm sure he thinks his mommy is a wierdo because, as most of you know, i am the WORST baby talker ever!! and i get all giddy and excited every time he does even the smallest thing.

we LOOOOVE when he first wakes up. when we hear him stirring in the morning or after a nap, we both get sooo excited and go running into his room! haha! like two little kids at christmas, i tell ya. but he wakes up so stinking happy and cooing and just melts our hearts! plus, we love when we unswaddle him to see his little arms fly up....he loves to stretch out after a nap!!

we're guessing he's about 13lbs now?? he's still wearing some of his 0-3 months clothes, but he's also started wearing a lot of his 3-6 months stuff. he has the cutest clothes!! everyone who bought or handed us down items gave us the best stuff! we love dressing him up in his "man pants" :) He has little man jeans, camo pants, and cute little sweat pants! haha! who new little boys clothes could be so much fun!??! we spike his hair up like his daddy's too. what a stud. his grammy made him the BEST little hat and shoe set! I can't wait to post some pictures of him in them.

anyway, that's our little man friend! we love having him around!! stay tuned for updated pics and videos and thanks for sharing in this fun adventure with us!!


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