Monday, October 19, 2009

Levi's Nicknames

so if you know me, you know i have nicknames for everyone. sometimes weird, sometimes random. i don't know where half of them come from. dean is just as bad. so we have a TON of nicknames for this little guy.

here's a sample:



milk man

little man

little man friend





and i'm sure there are more. we also have lots of names for the different faces levi makes :) that post, with pictures, will be coming soon :)
we have been out-n-about a lot lately! levi went to panera bread with us the other day to meet some of the girls that work there. i know, how sad that i know most of the girls that work there. i spend a lot of time at panera, can ya tell??? anyway, they were excited to meet him!
we also had our first trip to church yesterday! levi did great during the worship! of course, once all was quiet and pastor pratt began talking, levi started grunting and groaning. i was afraid he was about to have a massive blowout, so we spent the rest of the service watching it on tv from the coffee bar area.
have i mentioned that this little guy is extremely alert and awake most of the day?? I thought babies were supposed to sleep!!? what the heck?? fortunately he sleeps great at night...often times having 5 hour stretches (hallelujah). but during the day he wants to hang out and party with mommy :) he's very into what's going on around him. he's following things with his eyes soooo well! he stares at his mobiles and take interest in some of his toys. it's so fun watching him grow and develop into a little man friend!! he's now 4 weeks and 4 days as of today.
we love you little turkey!!


Jamie Boone said...

Tori, I am so excited for you. I love reading your posts so I can keep up with your adorable family. Next time you are in FM maybe we can meet up again!! You look great and Levi is so precious! Don't miss a moment because they go by so quickly :)


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you already have it at Panera! He's darling!

Martha (at Jake A. Parrott Ins)

Anonymous said...

Whoops - have HIM at Panera. I can't type



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