Sunday, October 11, 2009

Levi's Latest News

This little guy is so much fun! He makes the funniest faces and noises. We are really getting to know what all his noises and sounds mean. He grunts and groans while he sleeps, makes noises that sound like laughing while getting his diaper changed, and makes fake burp sounds to trick me while burping him. His belly button thingy fell off a few days ago so we got to give him his first bath in the sink! AND.....he pooped in the tub! Gross! We had just finished cleaning him up when he suddenly had an explosive poopy. Soooooo we had to start all over.

He also had his very first photo shoot recently with Jaime Cox of Along The Way Photography! Here's a sneak peek of the session!

More pics to come as soon as I get them back! You can also check out more at

Jaime is featuring this picture in her ad in Pinehurst Magazine in the Nov/Dec issue! Be sure to grab a magazine if you live in the Pinehurst area! Levi will be famous!! Well....sort of :)

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