Monday, October 5, 2009

A glimpse of our Father's love

I was staring at Levi today while he slept, which is why I don't get much done these days, and realized I was getting just a little glimpse at how much God loves us. I mean, I love this little guy sooo much! His eyes, his nose, the creases in his skin, his "victim" face when he gets upset, his tiny fingers and toes....everything is so precious! I love his personality and all the funny faces he makes. so much I love about him. And that's just a teeny tiny little glimpse of how much God loves us. Wow. How overwhelming! This new amazing love I feel for this little person is just a glimpse at how much God loves me???

And I don't want to get through this blog post without bragging on my hubby. He's the best daddy and husband ever! He gets to sleep through most of the night these days, so in the morning, when Levi wakes up (usually around 7ish), he's been taking him out of the bedroom so I can get some rest! He takes one of his blankies, warms it up in the dryer, wraps him up in it and rocks him back to sleep. then once he's good and sleepy, he brings him back in the room, gets ready for work, and leaves us to sleep the morning away. refreshing. I can't even remember the last time I slept until 10am, but I must say it feels amazing!

We've been getting out of the house some lately, which also feels great! The weather has been perfect for little walks! And once a week we meet Dean in town for lunch and a walk. We even had our first big outting to Walmart! Scarey, I know. I kept him bundled up in his sling so he wouldn't be exposed to too much.

The man in the background thought we were crazy for taking pictures at Walmart and giggling like little kids. We sent this picture to my cousin who absolutely hates Walmart.

I need to get some pictures of our other fun outtings! Pinnacle bought me an awesome jogging stroller last week that I can't wait to use! It was so many cool features! Thanks for that guys! it will get tooooooons of use!

Stay tuned for more updated pics and some of the ups and downs we've been experiencing as new parents! So many fun experiences to look forward too, but also some challenges! I hope to be as real and as transparent as possible when sharing our stories with you. Parenthood has been a fun, amazing experience. But it's not without some struggles too! I'm so grateful to have so many supportive friends and family members who have been through this that I can seek wise counsel from. I'm thankful for the Lord's strength in my weaknesses. And I'm so grateful to be going through this with my best friend in the whole world! Love you Babe! We have an amazing little boy and I love our little family!~




Debbie said...

I'm glad you and Dean are enjoying parenthood so much. It might sound trite, but it really is the best job you guys will ever have. xoxo

Theresa said...

Congratulations Tori & Dean, I was wondering if Levi made here yet.I suppose I should come by sometime and see you, see how the new family is doing. Your new life is going to be amazing, you're not even going to know what where the days go. Take lots and lots of pictures.


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