Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The faces of Levi

we LOVE all this little guys faces. Here are just a few:

bath face

this is the "uh oh - what's goin on with my wee wee?" face
"oops, i spit up" face

deans favorite - burp face

sleepy car seat face

more burp face (just for dean)

hungry face

fart face (isn't he so cute when he has gas??) :)
these are just a few! we also have milk face, tummy time face, waking up in the morning face, and more!
and we also have a couple of other nicknames i left out of the last post! how could i forget:
mr. wiggles!! I love my mr. wiggles.

1 comment:

Emily W said...

Your son is so cute too! I cant believe how in just a month they grow so fast!


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