Thursday, September 24, 2009

Levi is here!!

Weighing in at 8lbs 7oz, 21 inches long, is Levi Dean King! He came into the world on September 17th after a long labor (but short delivery!).

Here are some of our favorite shots of him so far!

His sweet little sleepy face....

He loves throwing up gang signs! Woot Woot!
So these aren't really in order and I'm too tired to try to rearrange them. Here's his first pic right after delivery!

He loves sleepying on his daddy's chest. This is my favorite picture!

Our little bundle of Levi.

Our happy little family!
I had so much prayer and support during my pregnancy and labor and delivery and for that I am so grateful. As we settle in at home, I'm going to try to update this blog as often as possible! So stay tuned for more pictures and updates!
tori, dean and levi


Caleb's mom said...

Congrats! He's beautiful!

Debbie said...

I'm so thankful I was able to spend a few days getting to know little Levi. He is soooo precious! You and Dean are great parents!

Emily W said...

I love your blog. You have the cutest perfect little family. The gang sign pic is so cute. bradley used to do that more stiff and we called it "the praise Jesus." I love his photos by Jamie...I will have to check her out!


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