Monday, August 24, 2009

You know what I really hate.....??


Disgusting! I can't stand to see it slapping around in people's mouths, or jaws moving at 100mph as gum gets chomped on. I hate hearing it smacked, popped, and swished around in mouths full of saliva....I'm making myself sick just thinking about it.

So what has brought on this sudden rampage against something that so many people enjoy daily? My cousin loves to torture me with her gum stories. I made the mistake of telling her once that I hated gum. I told her all the reasons why I hate gum, then I also told her that it grosses me out when people will eat food (any kind of food) and then chew a piece of gum to freshen their breath.

This is gross for one main reason:

Say you eat a porkchop, then chew gum. All you're doing is getting all the little pieces of pork pulled out of your teeth, and stuck in your gum. Then you chew this pork gum for who knows how long. Seriously??

Anyway, so I get random text messages from my cousin, like this one I got today, that say something like this:

"Mmmmm....thank goodness for gum, it got all the cashews out of teeth!"


But hey, if you enjoy a nice piece of shrimp gum, or spaghetti gum, or cashew gum every now and again, then more power to you.

OK...I'm done with my rage against gum :)
But to get her back, I'm posting this adorable picture of my precious Gracie. This cousin of mine hates pets. How can you hate pets?? Especially something so adorable!

I hope you enjoy this picture - just for you Audrey!


Jaime Cox said...

okay, i love gum too. is aud my twin? and why do you never say anything to me?? i'm popping it ALL. THE. TIME.

Anonymous said...

Kinda like me and crunchy things!!! Like Sonic onion rings!!!

audrey habeck said...

LOL!!!! that's what you get for sending me gracie pics! oh and dean and your whiney gracie voices! man, i love my gum!!!!


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