Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shower Time

I feel so spoiled! We have been thrown the best showers for this little baby and we still have one more to go! Everyone is so kind and generous and I pray that God blesses everyone who has been so kind to bless us! This baby could come any day now and we'd be ready to go!

So, this is the shower my mom threw for me! I got to see so many of my girlfriends from Charlotte, my aunt Libby came to town to help my mom with all the (delicious!) food, and my friends Kha and Emily helped my mom with some sidedishes and the games. Everything was perfect!

I mean, how cute is this cake!!?? It matched the plates perfectly! It was so cute we didn't even want to eat it....but trust me....we did :) Especially ole preggo.

A close-up of the cuteness!

So, before the shower even started I saw a box that had been shipped from my friend Susan in Dallas, TX. Of course, like a kid in a candy shop, Dean and I couldn't wait to rip it open. It was full of the cutest stuff! I LOVED this doggy toy!

See....I told you I loved this doggy toy! And that playmat that's on my lap is so adorable! Plus there was a blanky and some books. Thanks Susan!

My mom and aunt Libby did a great job decorating and preparing the food! Everything was sooo good. And it's a good thing....there was so much of it that my parents will be eating it for days!!

Some of the girls! I miss them!

Woohoo! Gifts galore! I had a hard time bending over to pick them up...we have a picture of it but I don't dare post it and embarrass myself :)

But I obviously don't mind embarrassing myself here! I can really stick that sucker out there!
Thanks again to all who helped make this a very special day for us!!

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Debbie said...

What a fun party and you're right...we are still eating the leftovers! xoxo


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