Wednesday, August 19, 2009

God in a box

Why do we limit God's potential in our lives by putting Him in a box? I find that I'll do this sometimes by thinking my needs or wants aren't big enough for God to waste His time on. But in reality, He loves showing off to His children! Even in the little things. Especially in the little things. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He did miracles for His children back in the day and He's still doing them today. In fact He WANTS us to ask him to show Himself in our lives. Nothing is too small for God. In fact people often laugh at me when I tell them I pray for a sale on steaks when I go grocery shopping, or for a sale when I go to Target...but I'll tell ya what...God's not scared of those prayers. And EVERY time I go grocery shopping wanting steaks, they're on sale. And I can't tell you how many $2.50 items I've gotten at Target on sale. And when a friend of mine prayed over me that I'd have a "perfect" pregnancy and labor and delivery, I wasn't surprised to hear my doctor say at each of my appointments that I'm having a "perfect pregnancy." So I suppose I'll have a perfect labor and delivery too. And I won't be the least bit surprised when I do.
So join me today in asking God for something crazy! Something small. Something BIG! Whatever it is, don't doubt that He can do it. Unwrap the packaging, tear off the tape, and let God out of the box you've got Him contained in.

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