Friday, July 31, 2009

My Hubby the Superhero

My husband can do anything. He never ceases to amaze me. If something breaks, he fixes it. If something goes wrong, he corrects it. Anything he sets his mind to do....he can do it! For instance....a couple of weeks ago, this oh-so-lovely house we're living in sprang a leak in a pipe UNDER the house. Great. Next thing I know, Dean is out back taking the siding off the house, cutting a hole in the wood, and making his way to the leaky pipe to fix it. I mean, who needs a plumber with a husband like that??!
Another example: EVERY single light/fan fixture in this place was at one point broken or not working right. Not only did he fix every single one, but he made it so the fans don't make noise! Who needs an electrician with a husband like that?
Once, when we lived in Charlotte, he decided he wanted to replace the pink tile in his shower. He had never done a project like this before, but that didn't stop him! He went to Home Depot, got the supplies, and next thing I know he's drilling off old tile and making way for the new stuff. And it turned out great! Who needs a tile man with a husband like that??
Trees scratching the roof....he climbs the roof and cuts them back.
Leaves filling the gutters....he's on a ladder cleaning them out.
Want hardwoods to replace your carpet? He can do it!
Need to update your kitchen cabinets? He can install new ones.
Want to build a deck on your house? No need for a handyman, Dean can do it!

I love having a multi-talented husband :) It sure cuts back on repair expenses!

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Anonymous said...

man with all that bragging it makes me want to marry him!


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