Sunday, July 5, 2009

7 months!!?? Already??

Well they say your pregnancy flies by and I'm starting to think it's true! I can't believe I'm already into my 7 month! Wow! I'm so excited for this little guy to get here, but it's overwhelming all at the same time.

Since we're in this rental house, I'm having a hard time with my "nesting" instinct. I can't really set up a nursery, or even get settled in! I have stuff to hang on the walls and decorating that I'm dying to do and I just can't!

So I'm officially 29 weeks today! 11 weeks to go! Unless he decides to come just little bit early...which is what I'm praying for :) Altho then that means we'd have LESS than 11 weeks!? Sheesh!!

So, just a couple of fun pics to update my ever growing belly. It took forever for it to pop out, but now that it's here it's growing rapidly!!

My dad says he's beating me in the belly department...but I think I might be winning! And if I wasn't in this pic, at 26 weeks, then I definitely am now!

My first maternity outfit! Well, the shorts are anyway. Dean says they give me "mom butt." Haha! My friend Jaime has let me borrow lots of her stuff, which is awesome, and these shorts are sooo comfy! I guess I'll have to look pass the mom butt part. And we bought a carseat! I was having a hard time finding one to register for that didn't come as part of a travel system. But when we saw this one we loved the green/gray combo and how unisex it could be! Love it! I'm currently using it to do my daily prepare for lifting Levi.

29 weeks! I went thru 3 dresses for church this morning until I found one that still fit. I came out in one and asked Dean to zip it...needless to would NOT zip! So much for still fitting into all my pre-preggo clothes!
We go to the doctor on the 20th for our 4-D ultrasound! Can't wait to see this little booger! Please continue to pray that my placenta will have grown UP my uterus!
More updates to come! More house updates coming soon!

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Welcome to Momsville said...

Aaaaaaw! You're a hot mama! Love that last pic - beautimous! Enjoy this special time to the fullest and try not to worry about your house... You will be in your beautiful new place with a two year old b/f you know it! Love you!


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