Monday, June 8, 2009

House update

I can't believe how quickly our new house is moving! Dean says not to get excited though...the first few stages go so fast, then it's the interior things that take a while. Still....this is what our house looks like after just a week and a half of work!

And this will be the finished product! Isn't my husband the smartest, most talented person you know!!?? He did this awesome rendering and I LOVE it! Some of the coloring could still change, but I hope not. I really like the greens.
Like my last blog post, we've also been prophecied over about this house. I fought and fought the Lord on building this house! Why?? Because I am not so good at stepping out in faith and this has taken a HUGE leap of faith! Here we are getting ready to have a baby, me possibly going part time with my job, things possibly changing in the future with Dean's job...and we go and build a new house!?? Are we crazy?? I guess so. We closed our eyes and took the plunge, just trusting that God will do some amazing things through our obedience. And He already has! We've gotten some great deals and our dollar has been stretched pretty far! I've come to realize that God is NOT afraid of my prayers, and I know He's going to do some amazing things in the coming days. And I'm not afraid to ask Him to do so.
So...back to the a recent prophecy about this house. We were told by a friend that our home "will be/is like a mighty oak. You are strong and the branches are immense and covering. People will run to you....and God will make sure you have everything you need for this to be done." (there's a bit more, hence the ...). At the time, we hadn't even decided we were going to start building our house, so I was confused about the will be/is like. Now of course, I see the significance to that. So when we first broke ground, Dean and I went over to the lot and Dean prayed for us and our new home. He was praying over this Word we got, when we both looked up...and lo-and-behold....the biggest tree in our yard is in fact a Mighty Oak! And there's an even bigger one in the back yard! If you look at the first picture in my post, you can see the mighty oak front-and-center in our front yard. No way were we letting them cut that one down! God is just so funny sometimes. Literally...He makes me laugh. I love that tree...what a great reminder that when you are obedient to the Lord, He is quick to show Himself to us. Even if what He is asking us to do makes absolutely NO sense to us.
Isaiah 50:10-11 "Let the person who walks in the dark trust in the Lord. Let the one who doesn't have any light to guide him depend on his God. But all of you sinners who light fires should go ahead and walk in THEIR light. You who carry flaming torches should walk in their light. Here's what I will do, I will make you lie down in great pain."
This verse really speaks to me about stepping out in blind faith and not leaning on my own understanding. It's funny how God brings along just the right verse just when we need it the most :)
More house and baby updates to come soon!


Debbie said...

What a great story about the oak tree, to tell your son someday!

Theresa said...

Wow! What a great leap of faith!! I know God has already started great works in you and Dean, I believe the house is just a stepping stone to many more great works.


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