Monday, April 20, 2009

Holy Camoly the baby has a Roly Poly!!

Yep...It's a BOY!! We are so thrilled! The picture below is looking up at his rump. You can see his little legs spread open and the ding-a-ling just hanging around!! Haha! I drank a Mountain Dew before the appointment so he'd be on the move, but it wasn't needed. He is not a shy guy!

This picture is of his little face!! Isn't it amazing how clear it is?? And you can see his hands on either cute!

And I'm so in love with this picture! His feet!! How fun!

And here's my belly at 18 weeks! Not a whole lot going on yet, but it's just a matter of time!

So we went into the office for my ultra sound today and Dean was just soooo confident that he knew it was a girl. He told the ultra sound tech right away that he didn't even need to see pictures....well.....
She started moving the little thing around on my belly and sure enough, before she even said anything, I said "I see a weiner!!" Then I cried because it all suddenly became very real to me!!
The funny thing is, EVERYONE thought we were having a girl!! Which, of course, had me thinking it was a girl. But we can't wait to pick out boy bedding stuff, cute little man clothes, and a NAME for this child!! Any ideas??? Help!!


Debbie said...

I'm so excited about another grandson!

Theresa said...

Baby boys are the best by the way...I love my girls but boys are by far the easier (in my opinion). I can't help with names, we didn't name Kaleb until I was in labor and finally came to terms with the fact that I was having a boy (I was set for a girl against all odds). But, that being said if I was to have another child (no! not happenin'), the name Eli is really cool. It has a lot of strength, determination, emotion, compassion in it for a two syllable name.

Jackie said...

Congrads Tori


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