Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Joneses....

One of the dumbest things we do is destroy our finance by buying a bunch of garbage we don't need just so we appear to look a certain way to others. Let's take a look at these infamous "Joneses" we're trying to impress....

Ken and Barbie make $93,000 per year and have for the last few years. What do they have to show for it?? A $400,000 home that they still owe $390,000 on. They have two $30,000 cars, and $52,000 on credit cards. They also have $25,000 left in college loans. But they travel well and dress nicely!! On a good note, they have $2,000 in savings and $18,000 in their 401K. These people have a negative net worth, but they look really good.

Don't be led into well-dressed poverty by peer pressure anymore.

(Taken directly out of Dave's book - The Total Money Makeover)

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