Friday, February 6, 2009

sorry blog.....

I am a horrible blogger....I have been neglecting my blog. I got so swamped with work, jewelry shows, and church stuff, that I have slacked off in blogworld!

Just a few updates:
*I have a jewelry show tomorrow! A girl I know got together 10 of us "crafters," who all make different things, and organized a big craft fair! It's at one of the local community centers from 10-3pm! I hope it all goes well!
*I've also been working with another girl to get a booth at our annual Spring Fest here in town. She also makes jewelry, amongst other things, so we were thinking about teaming up. Jaime Cox, Along the Way Photoraphy, will also be joining the craft show tomorrow and be at our booth at the Spring Fest! Yay!
*Dean is hitting the gym...hard. He's driving me crazy with all his whey powder, protein drinks, and creatine (sp??). Or maybe I'm just jealous that I'm not more motivated??
*We have new things going on with our 20/30 ministry (formerly 6.33). It's been so exciting to see the group take shape and I can't wait for all the new things awaiting us! Stay tuned for updates!
*I had a job offer to be a fashion consultant the other day! Me!!?? I was so flattered....I mean seriously? She must never see me when I'm at Wal Mart or any time on the weekends :)
*Valentine's Day and Dean's birthday is this month....any suggestions for me!? I'm having a brain fart as to what to get Dean for either. I'm usually not a procrastinator, but I just haven't been myself lately. I feel out of it.
*I think we're planning a long weekend getaway to a tropical destination! We haven't been anywhere tropical since our honeymoon and I am in desperate need of a vacay. I find nothing more amazing than to see God's creation...sunrises/sunsets, beaches, mountains, clear blue water, blue skies and sandy beaches with palm trees, snorkeling, and the view from an airplane all top my list! What an artist the Lord is!
* Dean, on the other hand, hates flying. The first time I flew with him, as the plane was taking off, he said "if the plane's going to go down, it'll happen now! I mean, how can this huge thing even get in the air, let alone stay there??" I love how we balance eachother out :) Usually I'm the tense one and he's calm....

*Stay tuned for more exciting news! The King's are about to have some major changes coming our way!


Keith said...

I thought you had dropped off Glad all is going well, hope it stays that way!

audrey habeck said...

i'm sorry. it's all ben's fault! i keep hounding him to tell him what our budget is for a vacay. he's taking his time. surprise surprise. sometimes i don't like the way we balance each other out! let's go already!!! ;)


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