Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starving Jesus

Last year I tried to tell as few people as possible about this fast. I wanted it to be a quiet, humble time between me and God and those close to me that inevitably found out. This year, I feel God calling me to do something different. He's wanting me to step out and share what's He's doing in my life, so that it might inspire others to do the same. And so far, so good! Dean's sister has recently joined this "New Years Fast!" I also have a few other friends doing the same thing and I can't wait to see God move!
Let me back up....last year I read a book called "Starving Jesus." Since then this book has been in 11 people's hands, all of whom eventually did a fast of their own. In Matthew 6:16 Jesus says "WHEN you fast...." He doesn't say "if" or "maybe," He says when. He expects us to be fasting. So many of us are always waiting for the "call." But this verse is our call. The Word is our call. If you want a deeper more intimate relationship with Christ, you will fast.
Last year I did a 25 day fast to get the year started off right. I'd love to tell you it was the best thing I've ever done, besides marrying my husband. And it was. It was also the hardest thing I've ever experienced. By day 15 I wanted to lick my cat treats and see if my couch tasted good, but the rewards were amazing.
Everyone fasts in their own way. Some people do the "Daniel Fast" where you only eat fruits, veggies, and raw nuts. Some people do a liquid fast...anything liquid goes. And some do just a water and juice fast. And some people just decided to give up one thing for God (french fries, caffeine, chocolate). What you decided to give up and how long you fast is between you and God! You can fast 40 days, 21 days, 1 day, or 1 meal! I do the liquid fast. My fast mostly consists of water and 100% fruit juices, with some watered down soup broth and the occasional glass of chocolate milk :)
So, new year = new fast! And I'm going to keep you all posted on my journey. I'll try not to get too detailed when my body starts to detox :) If you feel inspired, join in at any time! I once heard a pastor say that if you're thinking about fasting, it must be God. Because satan is definitely not going to tell you to do it. If you do join the journey, leave a comment and let me know so we can pray for eachother. I guarantee you won't regret it.

Blessings for 2009!


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