Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ok, for those of you following my fast, I apologize for getting so behind. Day 12, everything was going great. I was on my way home singing songs to the Lord in my car (yes, I think I should be the next American Idol when I'm in the car alone), when God starting telling me that my fast was over. He had completed in me what He needed to get done. After arriving home that day, He gave me a clear-cut sign that this fast was over. By lunch, I was eating Tokyo Express (not the best idea I've ever had).
All in all, I'm so encouraged by what God has done already this year. I appreciate all the emails, phone calls, and prayers from you guys. And to all those who are still fasting, or getting ready to fast, I'll be praying for you! God WILL do awsome things through your obedience and humillity to Him.
Now, I'm off to enjoy food again and have a nice looooong weekend! Yay for MLK Jr day!!

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audrey habeck said...

clear cut sign huh????


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