Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7

I got some very encouraging words from a friend this morning that started my day off right!! Thanks for that!

The other day, while reading crazy love, the author painted an awsome picture for me. I had an imagine of it in my head and I was just dying to get it on paper. So I did! (With Dean's help of course....I don't understand perspective nor do I draw people very well :))

This picture represents the "world." The river is flowing away from the light, and the majority of people are lazily floating through life...just getting by. Just trying not to committ any "big" sins. But those who hunger and thirst for Christ are furiously swimming upstream. The "world" gets mad, we get in their way and offend them, but we keep on swimming. It's a tough journey, and the Word tells us the path is narrow and hard and few will make it. But we keep pressing on because the Light at the end is our reward.

I now know of 24 people that are currently doing some kind of fast to start the year off. 24!! That's amazing. There's power in prayer!


Keith said...

Congrats on 7 days! Keep going, God knows what you're doing. 24 people is a feat. Your drawing is neat--whoever drew it, you or Dean--it shows what the world really is like. Some people lazily floating down the river, others fighting like mad to get to the light at the end.

pinkcoffee photoart said...

that is such a cool image. i love it! thank you for sharing. it totally encouraged me today!

Debbie said...

I love this Tori and I hope you will draw more often.


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