Monday, December 1, 2008

My latest projects...

So, I've decided that I like football season...crazy huh? I get soooo bored while Dean is watching football all day on Sundays that I start new projects, crafts, and hobbies! That is how this pillow came about. I was at Target a while back and found these great cloth napkins. They were like 30 cents each and I thought it was stupid NOT to buy them! I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I knew I loved the fabric. So, months later, I whipped them up into a pillow covering! Check it out!

Yes, there's a button in the husband hates the button....doesn't that fabric really liven up our couch!?

And there is a button back closure! I love the buttons!

And this is a painting I recently did! I can't really take all the credit though. My mom had done one just like it and helped me A LOT on this one. Style - folk art

So ladies, while the husbands are drooling over the game, raise your paint brush/sewing machine/knitting needles/jewelry making materials/whatever and unite!!


pinkcoffee photoart said...

you creative genius! i love that painting so much. :)

Jessica said...

great idea tori!


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