Friday, December 12, 2008

Enter The Story

I love how God works. For the last few months I've felt like a scrooge. I'm just so sick of all the consumerism that goes along with Christmas. Do you ever feel like that!? I started thinking I was the only one and maybe something was wrong with me. Then I got a Proverbs 31 daily devo that spoke to what I was feeling....then my mom forwarded me this video....then a family member sent me info on a book about living radically for Jesus (Crazy Love)...then my cousin posted a similar post to her blog. Ahhaa! I'm not alone! There are others out there rethinking Christmas, but it's not an easy task. People think you're crazy and you start to feel like maybe you are!

Advent Conspiracy is a movement calling us to proclaim Christ in how we celebrate Christmas. It's not about being a scrooge, it's about buying ONE LESS gift to support someone in need. Or buying small gifts, no gifts, or whatever you feel called to do. But it's about doing something. And I'm not talking about boycotting Christmas and not buying any gifts...I love giving AND receiving and I know others do too. This is just about doing something different this year. And it doesn't have to end with Christmas. It's just so easy to get sucked into satan's trickery sometimes...he's taken Jesus' birth and added a fat man in a red suit and presents to distract us from what's important(taken from a recent message from our awsome youth pastor).

This year, I challenge you to enter the story! Give ONE LESS gift and help someone in need. Give your time, money, or resources - give presence instead of presents.

For Dean and I, we helped our 20-something group support 6 kids who otheriwse wouldn't have gotten anything for Christmas. These kids wear the same clothes to school day after day. We raised money to not only buy them clothes, but also shoes, coats, toys, and bikes! Now that's one unbelieveable present in the name of Christ!

For more ideas on how to Enter The Story, go to or

If you join the conspiracy, share with us on what you did this year to make a difference by posting a comment below!

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Jessica Ann said...

This year we did a really tiny gift for each of our families and siblings (they may be reading, so can't say what it is). Primarily because cash flow is tight since I'm working part time. But Tad and I are both kind of fed up with the retail side of Christmas too. So when a co worker told me how her husband was just laid off from a job and she's only making $7 an hour and doesnt have money for groceries or christmas gifts, and that all her kids have to eat for the next week or so is Ramen noodles, that she cant even affort milk or feminine produts, I immediately felt my heart strings tugging. That night I talked it over with Tad and we packed up all the unopened food and cans we had in the pantry for her and gave her all the cash we had on hand too. She was so thankful that she could at least feed her kids dinner that night. It really opened up my eyes to the fact that no matter how bad I think it is, or how tight money feels right now, somebody always has it worse than me.


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