Monday, October 6, 2008

Random thoughts...

  • I've been trying to eat better lately. I've gone to this new idea of trying to eat most of my food raw. For example, for breakfast I eat fruit (sometimes my bananas have peanut butter on them :)), lunch includes some fruit and vegetables(uncooked only), for snacks I eat raw nuts (mostly almonds, pecans, and walnuts) and sometimes cereal, then I have a normal dinner. No, I don't live in California and I don't support Mike Moore films, but I sure do love the way I've been feeling lately. Not to mention that my body has really been cleaning itself out ever since I stopped filling it with garbage! I hope this sticks around, but I tend to get bored easily....
  • Speaking of cereal, I think they should have a cereal only diet. I would love that! I could eat cereal for every meal of the day and be perfectly content. Too bad my husband would not be on board with that.
  • My husband keeps stealing our camera to drive around town and take pictures of his projects. Not that I mind these pictures, I love having them around to see the progress on his buildings, but I miss my camera sometimes. Like today for instance, I finally got to pick up my finished plate that I painted at the pottery place and I can't even post a picture of it!
  • I'm turtle sitting this week! These little guys are fun. Every day they get themselves stuck in a corner of their cage and I have to help them get out. I like having excuses to pick them up.
  • Asheville here we come! Dean and I leave this weekend for my Annual Big I convention for the insurance industry in NC. I love these conferences! We get to stay at the Grove Park Inn, which is gorgeous! I've never been to Asheville in October, but I hear it's perfect. Can't wait!
  • This will be Dean's third vacation in three weeks! Yeah, you read that right. Two weeks ago he went white water rafting with some friends. This past weekend he had a guys golf weekend at the beach for a friend who is getting married. Now this weekend Asheville. Good thing one of us has to work hard to support his man-trips :)

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pinkcoffee photoart said...

turtle sitting! you make me laugh.
i'm game for the cereal diet too. :)


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