Monday, September 8, 2008

New Beginings

Well this past Sunday was our first Sunday in our brand new church building! There is nothing like it in town: top of the line sound equpiment, an awsome stage setup for our praise team, a (soon-to-be) full service coffee bar, high security nursery area, dual screens for your viewing pleasure :), and of course a friendly, welcoming staff! Both services were already packed out, which leads me to think we'll be back to three services soon.

God has given our pastor a wonderful vision, a supportive staff to help him live it out, and now a new building to support a growing ministry. The church was modeled after Paul's original church in the New Testament. Dean and I have had more growth in the last two years of being under this church's covering than we have our whole lives! So, thanks to all who have invested in our lives and helped mold us into the people that God's is making us!

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