Thursday, September 4, 2008

Along the Way photoshoot!

So, Dean and I have this fabulous friend that is getting started in the photography industry. After hearing her say "I'm not sure how these are going to turn out," this is what she ended up with! They're perfect and Dean and I couldn't ask for better. I can't wait to get more of them back, so stay tuned for more work by Jaime Cox, Along the Way Photography! Check her out at

Seriously, is she famous yet!?

Great urban shots!

LOVE IT! This is definitely one of our favorites!
Thanks Jaime! You are so talented and we had a great time!


Jaime Cox said...

You are MUCH to gracious!! Thanks for cooperating guys!!
Seriously, there are some more REALLY great shots. Look for yourself soon under the SENIOR section. Hahahaha!! You too, Dean!

Welcome, new bloggy friend!!!

Jaime Cox said...

Oh my.... your poll is killing me:)
I better put in a really good vote for myself because it might be the only one!!!

audrey habeck said...

love the pics of you guys!!! awesome!


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