Thursday, July 29, 2010

mr. happy clappy

someone has learned how to clap and i love it! sometimes he forgets to open his funny!

i can't believe my little tiny baby is getting close to a year old! he's crawling all over the place now-a-days. he's "cruising" on the furniture and sometimes stands all by himself! i am in NO rush to have him walking yet though :) i'm taking advice from mommies who have gone before me to not rush that one. he's waving and saying bye-bye, saying mama and dada (sometimes), and pointing at gracie (our cat) and saying "Ga!" he chases her all over the house, and soon enough, he'll be able to catch her. he's such a happy little guy. everywhere he goes he points and reaches for people. he talks to EVERYONE....never meets a stranger. he loooooves women :) he'll smile and giggle at them. and they love him too (watch it ladies {{wink wink}}). his favorite foods right now are cottage cheese, cheese sticks, cherries, bananas, and avocados. every afternoon when he wakes from his nap we have "snack on the floor" time...where we eat our snack sitting on the floor. it's become routine. each weds we meet some friends at TCBY for waffle cone wednesday....and this kid LOVES frozen yogurt. this past week he screamed at the top of his lungs...real tears...when it was gone. i mean, serious meltdown. everyone in the place thought it was the cutest thing, while i of course was embarrassed.
well, that's all the updates for now! more to come as our little manfriend continues to grow up {{sniff sniff}}.  enjoy the video :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the incredible shrinking gospel

I'm reading a book title "The Tangible Kingdom" and I just have to share a passage with you. it breaks my heart, but it's so true. I have amazing conversations with some God-fearing friends sometimes that just totally rejuvinate my soul...why don't we live like that daily?? shouldn't we be constantly loving, and sharing, and speaking into eachother's lives in a way that refreshes and refuels??

"I've seen a recurring theme over and over again during the past few years. Even among Christians, our conversations range from politics to the economy to parenting to marriage and careers and yet, one painful reality is usually clear: the Gospel has not touched down on Planet Earth for many Christians.
When and where the Gospel lost its place in the everyday life of believers is a mystery, but there is no doubt that it is not informing most of our basic life issues. We often end up shrinking the concept of the Gospel down to a small set of beliefs or doctrines that have no practical effect on our daily lives. At the same time, we neglect to live out the greater story.

Imagine what could change if the Good News of Jesus was allowed to shape and inform all the areas of our lives."

shouldn't we speak and live out the Gospel in a way that allows the power of the Holy Spirit to do what the Holy Spirit is here to do?? how would our lives, our relationships, our workplaces, our neighborhoods, our communities, our towns, our cities, our states, our nations, and our world be different?

common couponing questions

well that title sure is a tongue twister! i even had a hard time typing it out!
ok, i've been getting some questions about couponing. now, i have only been at this myself for a month or so, but bear with me. i'll do the best i can to answer some of these...and if i don't know the answers, i'll turn to some trusty resources who i know WILL have some answers!

1. can you use multiple coupons for a single item?

yes and no. you can use 1 manufacturer's coupon (MQ) per item...BUT, if you have a store coupon you can stack that on top of the MQ. example, if you have a manufacturer's coupon for cottonelle toilet paper AND Food Lion has a cottonelle coupon out, you can use BOTH for one item. but if you have 4 manufacturer's coupons, you can't use all of those on 1 item.

2. why am i still not getting GREAT deals? I'm still spending $100 a week.

yep, me too sometimes. you really have to be consistent with clipping coupons EVERY sunday...indefinitely. when looking at the southern savers website, i'm still missing LOTS of deals because i don't have coupons from back in May. I'm guessing that come October, I'll have enough coupons to really be getting all the deals that i can be.

3. is it really worth it to clip coupons for 50 cents?? why?

YES! I know it seems like "what's 50 cents? is it worth my time?" let me give you an example of a recent purchase i had. I had coupons for 50 cents off secret deoderant. Harris teeter was having a sale on secret deoderant for $1. Since Harris Teeter doubles all coupons 99 cents and under, that coupon was really worth a dollar! guessed it! Fortunately I had 4 of those coupons (harris teeter will only double THREE coupons for the same item). So, I bought 3 deoderants, for $3...used my coupons...and they were all FREE! woohoo! Now, since that deoderant will probably go on sale in another 6-8 weeks, i will have PLENTY of deoderant to last me until the next sale (or longer :)).  See?? You never have to pay retail again! yippy! so CLIP COUPONS EVERY will pay off. maybe not a lot at first...but it WILL pay off eventually.

eventually, your coupons will be HIGHER than your total. for instance, i bought $19 worth of groceries from Lowe's recently and had $21 in coupons! and I bought $50 worth of groceries from Harris Teeter and my coupons were $57. And the first time you get an awesome'll be hooked!!

more questions?? leave them in the comment space below and i'll answer them ASAP!

good luck my fellow crazy couponers! :) i'm so proud of you all!

Monday, July 26, 2010

*EXCITING* news coming soon

noooooooooooooooo....i'm not pregnant :) I know that's what you're all thinking!!

my jewelry business, which i temporarily put on hold after giving birth to the best thing in the world, is about to have some *E*X*C*I*T*I*N*G news! I'm not quite ready to share it yet...but stay tuned!!

and in the meantime, check out my newest pieces from my Summer 2010 collection by clicking H*E*R*E*

later taters!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

how to reduce your time couponing!!

Find these great tips by clicking HERE

crazy coupon lady...part 3...

ok ok ok....this pic has nothing to do with coupons. but someone once told me that a post with no pics is boring! so, this is a pic of the quilt that we recently bought levi for his big boy room! now i know that he won't be in a big boy bed for some time yet, but i have been STALKING this quilt, and it FINALLY went on sale so i snagged it up :) yay! i also found some cute surf board signs at a local store to match! dean told me levi's room is going to be "soooo holister." not really what i was going for buuuuuut whatever!

now onto coupons! i hope you crazy couponers stocked up on sunday papers today!! you should have had a redplum insert and a smartsource insert.
now, i recommend clipping only the coupons you will really need. i, along with many people i have known, have been suckered into buying things JUST because i have a coupon and it's a great deal. if you have a store that will offer money BACK on purchases, than it's worth it to clip all coupons (i don't) because you can MAKE $ on buying things you don't need. otherwise, i just clip what i would use. you can do whatever is best for you!
i also want to share another good site with you that was suggested to me:
this site is very helpful for multiple reasons, but especially for Walmart specials :) I got deoderant for 47 cents today and tucks medicated pads (great for after childbirth, so i'll be holding onto these!) for FREE!! So be sure to check this site out for more couponing tips!
another helpful hint for couponing:
do your grocery shopping on sunday, monday, or tuesday. the store sales all switch over on weds. i usually clip my coupons on sunday and make my list. then do my shopping on tuesday. it was hard for me at first, because i was soooo used to shopping on thursdays. it threw a wrench in my "routine" but it's a sacrifice you have to make if you want to be a crazy coupon lady! :)
and the last tip of the day....make a list (preferably use the southern savers website to check the boxes and make an online list) and STICK to it! minimize impulse purchases as much as possible. and don't go to the store hungry....that's always a bad idea :)
So here is what my sunday looks like:
~after church i buy my papers.
~clip the coupons (i stack the 4 identical sheets on top of eachother and clip to cut down on time)
~organize the coupons and put in baggies.
~head to southern savers website and check my main store first (harris teeter)
~make my grocery list for HT
~check rite aid and walmart and make lists (IF there are great deals only)
~once i print my lists, i match up the coupons with the store i plan to use them at. then i put my list and coupons into a baggy labeled "Harris Teeter" (or Walmart, Food Lion, Kroger....whatever)
then i'm all done and ready to go on Tuesday! I also add to the bottom of the list other items i need that i don't have coupons for, such as produce or meats. and i STICK to the list....well....for the most part :)
hope this helps! please comment with any questions or problems you're having!

happy couponing!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

crazy coupon lady...part 2

so, i feel like by couponing, i am beating the brilliant minds of the marketing people at big companies like P&G, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever, SC Johnson, and so forth. here's why:
just imagine a meeting of the big dawgs at proctor & gamble. they've developed a new toothpaste and someone says,
"I think we should charge 75 cents for this product."
everyone else agrees that would bring in a good profit for something that costs 10 cents to make.
then someone from the brilliant marketing department says,
"wait a minute. i think we should charge $2.50 for it. then we should put out some coupons every so often. and for the people who take the time to buy and clip these coupons, they can have the product for 50 cents. everyone else can pay a surplus."
so there you go. wanna beat those brilliant marketing folks with me?? ;)
(Kha, I think you should take this story back to your boss and let me know what she says {{wink wink}})

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

crazy coupon lady....part 1

so i've officially been dubbed the Crazy Coupon Lady by my friends...and i like it :) my awesome sis-in-law and one of my friends in town, have both helped me to earn this amazing nickname by teaching me their secrets. and now i'd like to share them with you! in just 2 short weeks i have already scored some INSANE deals!
i spent $1 at Rite Aid and got $57 worth of product.
spent $33 at Harris Teeter and got $70 worth of groceries!
spent $4 and a years worth of women's razors!
spent $30 at Lowe's foods and got $79 worth of groceries....and the list goes on! I mean, this makes places like walmart EXPENSIVE!! crazy thought, huh??
i know what you're thinking
i do NOT have the time for that, you crazy coupon lady
and yes, it does take some time. but once you get a groove and start figuring things out, it really isn't that bad. and TOTALLY worth it in the end. not to mention that there are so many websites out there right now that do most of the work for you.
and here's the one i use:
so for today, if you're interested in joining the crazy coupon lady in this exciting adventure of savings (i know, i'm a dork. but i really get excited about this stuff!!)....then just keep reading for the first few steps you need to take to get started:
1. from here on out, every Sunday start buying 4 newspapers that have coupon inserts....and have FUN clipping them {{insert sarcasm here}}
2. come up with a filing system that works for you. everyone's might look different. I have file folders labeled "food" "baby stuff" "personal items" household items, and cat food. Then each week, i divide my coupons into those categories, put them in seperate plastic baggies, and put the date of the sunday paper i got them from on the'll want that date labeled somewhere.
3. start stalking the above website!! become familiar with it, browse it, find the stores in your area that are on this website and check them out every so often. read their coupon policies, etc. 

that's all for now! you can't do too much before you have a stockpile of coupons. i'll post more helpful tips later this week!

and if you're already part of the crazy coupon club and have some tips to share, please DO!! the more the merrier :) just post a comment below and be sure to read the comments for more helpful ideas!

later taters

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wordless wednesday - a photo montage

dear blog...will you please forgive me??

I was really on a roll with this blogging business....then i got sidetracked with some craft projects :) it happens....right???
So here is what I've been working on. I might be carried away with making things these days....can someone please come take the paint cans away from me???

the first is an old window from a friends house. we both painted one to hang in our houses! might sound weird...but it looks pretty cool! I plan on getting some pictures printed out to hang in each of the squares at some point. i also have a friend who put old crystal door knobs on a window like this and uses it to hang things on! cool idea!
I also painted an old chair with this yellow paint, distressed it a little, and put it in the play room. the bright yellow really makes the play room look fun!

The next is a picture of our family tree! i saw this idea somewhere and recreated my own in colors that i like. there's a mommy bird, a daddy bird, and a baby levi bird in this picture. and there are plenty of circles to turn into more birds as our family grows :)

Annnnnd, just because i love this kid so darn much, i can't help but put a picture of levi up! we were all at my parents house for father's day. this is a picture of levi playing in the sprinkler with my dad. levi's cousin grant was also there. they had SOOOO much fun! but i think my dad had the most fun :) We had to keep the paci in his mouth to keep him from eating the grass....

We've also been extremely busy with getting our yard situated. We've been in our new house since November, and JUST got some grass laid. so we've been messing with that, planting trees and flowers, and trying to get our yard looking nice. it takes lots of work, time, and's a work in progress!

and for those in the Pinehurst area, keep an eye out for the August issue of Pine Straw magazine...our famous little man is making yet another appearance, thanks to Along the Way Photography and her amazing photo skills :)

that's all for now! i'm working on a post full of updated pictures of levi. i am NOT, however, working on anymore craft least for now anyway :)

later taters!


Friday, June 18, 2010

bye bye

our little man friend is doing so many new things these days! i just can't believe it. it's like he's turning into a little boy...right before my eyes! he's waving "bye" (it's a backwards wave...but still a wave :)). he's climbing on EVERYTHING! he's standing in his crib (this is not a good thing...makes naps a little harder). he's officially discovered doors....push them open....push them
he's mimicking the things we do...faces, noises, etc. it just seems like each new phase of his life gets more and more fun! and each new phase also has it's own challenges. we sure do LOVE you Levi! you're the best gift God ever gave us! {{SMOOCH}}

Thursday, June 17, 2010

thanksgiving thursdays

I'm linking up with Mama's Little Chick to bring you Thanksgiving Thursday! each thursday I'll post 5 things i'm thankful for. hopefully this will be a fun way to be reminded of all my many blessings. you should link up to!

1.  being able to stay home with my son! even if i enventually have to go back to work...i'm enjoying every minute of being able to be home for this season of life :)

2.  good know...the kind you can be "real" with and they don't judge you. i don't know what i'd do without em!

3. summer! it's horribly hot here already, but i love the summer! pools, sprinklers, ice cream, popsicles, fresh fruit.....yay for summer!

4. yard sales - i have gotten some AMAZING deals lately on some stuff for levi! we got a red wagon, rocking horse, train table, AND a little baby baseball game for $40! woohoo! yay for yard/garage/moving sales :)

5. God's good gifts - i know i live in the top 1% of the world....and i take it for granted every day. God has opened the flood gates on our lives, just as He's promised, and i am abundantly blessed. not because i deserve it, because i dont, but because he is good. and he is good all the time! yay for God!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

go me!

Yay! i can't believe i got another blog award recently! this is fun :) Thanks to my bloggy friend, Mama Hen at Mama's Little Chick for this great award! be sure to check her out!

The Beautiful Blogger Award has some rules: First you must thank whoever gave the award. more props to Mama Hen for this one! Next I need to tell 7 things about myself you may not know.

 1. i could easily overdose on sour watermelon slices. hands down the best candy ever made
2. i don't have a favorite color. i constantly change what i like/don't like. right now i'd say purple and orange are my faves. ask me next month and it'll be different :)
3. this is also why i constantly change my blog background. i guess i just love change??
4. i'm a type A freak. i stress myself out over having everything put away, picked up, and in it's "place." my hubby laughs at me because my theory is, "if it has to be in the attic or storage, then you don't need it. get rid of it." I think I'm missing a sentimental side that most women have....
5. my only goal in life is to glorify god in everything i do....and i have no idea how to do that or what that means. anyone have any answers???
6. i'm a people pleaser. yep. guilty. having levi has helped me in that area a little though. you can't please people and god....this is part of my dilema...
7. i make jewelry! you can check it out here. i took a break after levi was born, but have slowly gotten back into my groove. i need to update with more pics of my most recent stuff! i love all kinds of crafts!

i need to pass this award on to 12 people! which i plan on doing....tomorrow :)

thanks for stopping by! later taters!



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